“Temple Of Byodoin”

The Temple of Byodoin was originally built as a private residence in 998 AD during the Heian era. A Fujiwara clan member converted it in 1052, with the Phoenix Hall added the following year to house the Image of the Amida Buddha. The Phoenix hall is mostly all that remains after the civil war in 1336 and it’s image is displayed on the 10 Yen coin. Richard worked on the original drawing for half an hour a day, during his lunch hour for three years, completing it in 1970 as a gift for his wife Judy.

This is a re-mastered art edition, issued as one of 200 on conservation canvas. Each Image is printed individually. This image was taken from Richard’s original pencil drawing.

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Maritime and marine art by historical artist Richard Linton

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 Australian Maritime, Marine & Historical Art

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