The Brigantines "Eye of the Wind" & "Golden Plover"

Windjammers Around The Australian Coast: Past & Present ~ Series 1

This beautifully produced series of maritime art - Windjammer Lithographs from Richard Linton's original pencil sketches are printed in two colours on high quality heavy weight archival paper, giving a rich sepia tone.

The series consists of the following windjammers:

This drawing of "Eye of the Wind" and "Golden Plover" sailing together are the two sailing ships Richard Linton has sailed on the most and cannot be separated in the artist's affection.

Both these brigantines were restored in the 1970s to their present day beauty. The "Eye of the Wind" a 130 foot steel hull brigantine was restored in Faversham, England, by Captain Tiger Timbs. Since her restoration she has sailed around the world for over 20 years. She has several times won her section in races all round the world, and called at all the historic and sometimes romantic ports of Pitcairn, Tahiti, Galapagos right through the Pacific, around Cape Horn, the West Indies through the Bahamas, Atlantic Ocean to New York, Boston and across to Liverpool, England to name a few. She is indeed one of the stars of today.

The "Golden Plover" a 100 foot wooden hull brigantine brought back to life from a derelict hulk, SS Plover, by four Germans, brothers Helmut, Gunther, and Gert Jacoby and engineer Ed Roloff with the rigger George Herbert.

On completion the Melbourne restored brigantine sailed around Port Phillip Bay and Hobson's Bay for a couple of years then sailed through the heads to Sydney and up to Airlie Beach, Queensland. She returned to Melbourne and was finally fitted out for her voyage to the Rhine in Germany to the boys home town of Cologne to the fanfare of their homeland. She then returned to the Whit Sundays where she worked for several years and in now based in Cairns, Queensland.

Image size is 270 mm x 250 mm.



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