Melbourne by Moonlight, 1875

A nostalgic look into our past, Bourke Street, Melbourne in 1875 on a June evening just after sunset.

A soft twilight glow lights the scene with the cold light of the moon flooding the streetscape. A number of businesses are working till late in the evening with the gaslight flooding from their premises. The street surface was gravel, being dusty in summer and muddy in winter. Cross overs were needed over the gutter for access.

It has been raining and the wet surface shows reflection of the gaslights which enhances the foreground. It is a busy scene, people, omnibuses, horses and carts are all hurrying about their business. Other people stop to chat at days-end, perhaps still bargaining on a horse up for sale that day. A poster on the wall advertises that an Irish Play "Shaughraun" is showing at the Theatre Royal.

The original acrylic painting took Richard 4000 hours or over 4 years to complete. It was unveiled in December 1992.

The Limited Edition lithograph of this painting won the GOLD Medal for excellence in the 1993 Australian National Printing Awards. Image size is 56 cm X 88 cm printed on heavy weight quality archival paper using international renown Warren Lustro Saxony 300 gsm with acid free base sheet, with colour fast inks.

These lithographs are strictly limited to 1,300 copies worldwide.



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