H.M. Transport "Bounty" ~ 1962 replica

Windjammers Around The Australian Coast: Past & Present ~ Series 1

This beautifully produced series of maritime art - Windjammer Lithographs from Richard Linton's original pencil sketches are printed in two colours on high quality heavy weight archival paper, giving a rich sepia tone.

The series consists of the following windjammers:

Originally the Bethia, a 230 ton merchantman built in 1785. She was purchased by the British Admiralty in 1787. the vessel was 91 feet long with a beam of 24 feet 10 inches. Her figurehead a woman dressed in a riding habit. In preparation of the voyage to Tahiti for breadfruits, the Admiralty had her refitted.

In December 1787, the "Bounty" sailed from Spithead. After a voyage of 27,000 miles the crew sighted Tahiti. Sometime later after loading the breadfruit, the Bounty set sail from the beautiful Island of Tahiti. This was when the historic mutiny took place.

"Bounty" ended her days in 1790 when Fletcher Christian, to avoid detection, had her sailed close to shore, stripped of all useful items and then burned.

Richard's drawing portrays the 1962 replica built for the Marlon Brandon film "Mutiny on the Bounty".

Image size is 270 mm x 250 mm.



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