H.M. Barque "Endeavour" ~ 1764

Windjammers Around The Australian Coast: Past & Present ~ Series 2

This beautifully produced series of maritime art - Windjammer Lithographs from Richard Linton's original pencil sketches are printed in two colours on high quality heavy weight archival paper, giving a rich sepia tone.

The series consists of the following windjammers:

Endeavour was originally launched in 1874 as the coal trader "Earl of Pembroke". She measured 97 feet in length, 29 feet in breadth with a tonnage of 367 tons. Purchased by the Royal Navy in 1768, Endeavour was fitted out at Deptford under the supervision of Lieutenant James Cook.

Cook set sail on August 26th of the same year with orders to explore and map the South Pacific and to prove or disprove the existence of a great southern continent. The results of this historic voyage are well known, not only did he discover the east coast of Australia, but he also proved there was a cure for the seafarer's deadly enemy - scurvy!

After her return in 1771, Endeavour made several voyages to the Falkland Islands with stores before being sold in 1775. She is said to have returned to the North Sea coal trade for some years, and then to have passed into French ownership, ending her days at Newport, Rhode Island.

Image size is 270 mm x 250 mm.



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Maritime and marine art by historical artist Richard Linton

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