This is a limited edition re-mastered art on canvas of 200.

John Pascoe Fawkner's topsail schooner "Enterprise" was built in Hobart, Tasmania in 1930. This timber hulled, fifty-five ton typical topsail schooner of the day was 52ft in length and was used as a commercial trading vessel. In 1835 Fawkner purchased her and set sail from Launceston in an endeavour to find suitable grazing lands in Victoria.

After making her way across Bass Strait she first explored Westernport Bay before sailing around into Port Phillip. On the 30th of August 1835 she was moored on the lower reaches of the Yarra Yarra River below the fresh waterfalls. She made frequent voyages acrosss Bass Strait during the early years of Melbourne's development.

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Maritime and marine art by historical artist Richard Linton

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