The "Flying Cloud" ~ 1851

Windjammers Around The Australian Coast: Past & Present ~ Series 2

This beautifully produced series of maritime art - Windjammer Lithographs from Richard Linton's original pencil sketches are printed in two colours on high quality heavy weight archival paper, giving a rich sepia tone.

The series consists of the following windjammers:

"Flying Cloud" was designed and built in 1851 by Donald McKay of Boston and sold to Grinnell Minturn & Company for their Swallow Tail Line to San Francisco. Her registered tonnage was 1783 with dimensions of length 225 feet, beam 40 feet, and depth 21 feet.

After her record breaking maiden voyage of 89 days from New York to San Francisco, she spent the next few years in the Californian and China trade, usually going out to China and returning with tea to New York. She was sold in 1862 to James Baines of Liverpool, who put her into the Queensland emigrant trade where she stayed until the early 1870s when she was sold again. Her new owner put her into the North Atlantic timber trade.

In 1874 the "Flying Cloud" went ashore on the New Brunswick coast, was refloated and slipped for repairs. Whilst under repair a fire broke out aboard and being badly damaged it was decided to break her up for sale of her metal.

Image size is 270 mm x 250 mm.



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