Grace Harwar

This is a limited edition re-mastered art on canvas of 200.

Grace Harwar was built in 1889 for W. Montgomery of London. Her dimensions were, length 226ft: breadth 39 ft: depth 23ft: her tonnage being 1877.

Though a large carrier she had several good passages to her credit. In 1929, Grace Harwar was immortalised on film by Melbourne's intrepid deep sea sailor, sea historian and writer, Alan Villiers. He and his friend Ronald Walker, signed on in Melbourne as Able Seamen to make a film, one of the last voyages of a commercial sailing ship.

The painting shows Grace Harwar on this 1929 voyage running her easting down in the great Southern Ocean laying a course for cape Horn. The whole watch can be seen on the foreyard furling the for'sl. With mountainsous following seas, there is always the fear of being fatally pooped causing the ship to broach and capsize. Many a fine sailing ship disappeared on this road without trace. This voyage to the UK took 138 days. Ronald Walker was killed while working aloft.

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Maritime and marine art by historical artist Richard Linton

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