History of “Cobb & Co in the Strathbogie Ranges”

Destined for the goldfields of Bendigo, a Cobb & Co coach is pulled by a team of powerful horses as they muscle their way through the Strathbogie Ranges, the shafting beams of light highlight the leading greys, as they reach the summit of a steep rocky pass.

“Like all my works, this one started as a germ of an idea, sparked by finding myself in awe of nature, her majesty and beauty. I'd seen a rock, actually it was more than a rock, it was a monolith of granite balancing on the edge of the roadway and yet firmly adhered to the landscape. In a moment of excitement where you know this is significant somehow, you capture the image in your mind and file it away. Then some 24 years on, I began researching material for a Cobb& Co coach painting. The craftsmanship in the coaches, the raw beauty of the horses and the thrill of the pioneering endeavour that Cobb & Co portrayed, had always appealed to me.

Then as if struck by a piece of that granite boulder, the image re -materialized, and I knew it was the perfect setting for my coach cutting its precarious way through a mountain pass. That spot somewhere around Euroa, Victoria had to be located again and my friend Bruce Hargrave who had inadvertently taken me passed that spot so many years before came to my mind's rescue. Naturally I pay Bruce homage by using him as one of the figures on the coach. The young girl in all her youthful abandon is modelled on my Grand Daughter Delia Materazzo and the coach driver is modelled on another family friend, Mathew Talbot."

-Richard Linton June 2010
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