The Founding of Melbourne, 30th August 1835

The 53 foot tops'I schooner Enterprize was the first vessel to navigate the waters of the Yarra River to the point where a natural rock barrier prevented further progress. This barrier was later to become known as "The Falls".

The small group of 12 people aboard "Enterprize" immediately setup camp just below these falls and were the first white settlers in the Port Phillip District.

"The Enterprize" was built in Hobart in 1829 and was part of the large coastal trading fleet operating between Tasmania and the fledgling town of Melbourne on the mainland.

Richard Linton's painting shows "Enterprize" unloading on the north bank of the Yarra River in the area to become William Street directly opposite the new Crown Casino site. The falls in the background were blasted away in 1885 where the Queens Street Bridge now spans the Yarra River.

The first photographic records of Melbourne were recorded in the late 1850s. The only known drawings of Melbourne prior to this time were found to be 1839, therefore to research the settlement of 1835 Richard Linton had to draw from the written accounts, diaries, ships' logs, notes and poems from museums and personal collectors worldwide.

These lithographs are strictly limited to 1,500 copies worldwide - with ONLY a few still available.

The surrounds of the river had been described in its day, as a red gum woodland, the aspect was undulating, grassy with black wattles abounding their perfume pervading the atmosphere.

The ship's crew and settlers made camp on Saturday 30th August just as spring arrived. There were wild flowers and lovely new growth. The laugh of the kookaburra, the flocks of cockatoo and rosellas filled the air with flashes of colour and relentless chatter.

The crisp air, blue skies, clean running water above the small waterfall, together with the realisation that this lovely location would one day make way for fertile lands in which to grow successful crops.

Richard Linton spent many hours around the upper reaches of the River Yarra exploring the contours of the land, studying the trees, the native grasses; even observing how sunlight reflects from native vegetation.

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The superb gold award winning limited edition lithograph of this painting is NOW available.

These lithographs are strictly limited to 1,500 copies worldwide. and upon their printing all production plates were destroyed.

Image size: 96 cm x 56 cm.



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