Nippon Maru In Sagami Bay

This is a re-mastered art edition, issued as one of 600 on conservation canvas. Size 860mm x 1220mm.

Each Image is printed individually, and to add further value and quality has been embellished by over painting on various areas by the Artist, to add texture and more vibrant colour.

This image is also available as a limited edition re - mastered art on paper of 1200, size 570mm x 762mm.

This modern technology of reproduction is virtually the closest art form to the original painting. The image is printed in eight colours with pigment inks, which are completely colourfast. The large format of this work embraces all the new developments of digital photography and computer imaging transferred directly onto conservation canvas, thus eliminating all variances in pre press and litho printing.

I have chosen Binary Master Art to reproduce my work in this stunning large format. This Company is a world leader in this new technology and it is your guarantee that the highest standards have been implemented throughout the re-mastering process.


In the nineteen thirties, Japan built two steel auxiliary four-masted barques for the Nautical Training Institution of the Japanese Ministry of Education. These were sister ships Nippon Maru launched in 1930, and the Kaiwa Maru was completed the following year. They are vessels of 2284 tons and came from the Kawasaki Dockyard Company Limited, of Kobe. Up to the time of the Second World War, these sister ships were engaged in normal training duties. During the war they were layed up. In 1984, they took over the role of Museum Ships when they were replaced by two new ships of the same names.

My painting shows "Nippon Maru" beating against a strong north-east wind in Sagami Bay with Mount Fiji in the background.

Maritime and marine art by historical artist Richard Linton

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