Polly Woodside

This is a limited edition re-mastered art on canvas of 200

The "Polly Woodside" was launched in Belfast in 1885, with dimensions of length 192ft: Breadth 30ft: with a measurement of 647 tons. The three mastered iron barque was first engaged in the United Kingdom - South American trade until bought in 1904 by New Zealand interests. Renamed "RONA", she traded extensively in the Pacific to Australia and the United States of America.

In 1921 a change of ownership once more, this time to the Australian firm of Howard Smith Industries, where she was converted into a coal lighter and served in this capacity on the Melbourne Waterfront until 1965.

Polly Woodside was saved from the ship breaker yard with her acquisition by The National Trust (Victoria) and restored to her former beauty. She now forms the nucleus of the Melbourne Maritime Museum.
Maritime and marine art by historical artist Richard Linton

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