The Clipper Sobraon Loading Wool at Circular Quay, 1871

Richard's work portrays the loading of a famous clipper at the same place where the First Fleet anchored almost one hundred years before.

SOBRAON is berthed on the west side of Circular Quay, now the International Shipping Terminal. Gaslight glows in the shadows of gathering darkness; the glimmer of the North Shore lights add to the tranquility and magic of days end. The horse in the middle background hauls the day's last load of wool aboard, as some of the crew furl sails which had been drying in the afternoon sun. An Old Salt stands outside the Oriental Hotel, clay pipe in hand, no doubt casting a nostalgic eye over the smart clipper.

All that remains today of this historic scene are the two buildings in the middle background. The Sailor's Home and the Mariners Church of which the facade is just visible. The flag on the pole of the Oriental Hotel is the Federation Flag (1831-1901). The flag flying from the "Sobraon's" Mainmast is the House Flag of Devitt & Moore.

The original painting is the result of 12 months work, which includes many hours of research and a layout pencil drawing.

This striking painting was completed in late 1989 - acrylic on hardboard - 35 inches x 44 inches. The Limited Edition Lithograph of this painting have all sold out, and can only be found on the secondary market.

There is a Limited Edition Lithograph of the pencil working drawing of the "Sobraon" painting. It is a Limited Edition of 100 only, 50 of which remain.



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